Glass for modern architecture

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The architectural structure approximately 100 years ago, known as the first machine years went through a lot of research to give rise to new techniques. Over the years it has developed and given rise to a new era called the modern machine years, wherein the use of glass played an important role for mankind.

Architects over the years discovered new methods and ways to use glass. As the structure had to be strong and sturdy to deal with the climatic conditions within the region. Glass was not considered to be durable or strong, people usually considered it as a fragile material. Thus over the centuries, there have been struggles involving the use of glass in architectural structures. However, progress eventually took place –from wood to concrete, and from concrete to glass. There are different types of glass that is used for various purposes in architectural structure. Glass used in buildings play an important role as they allow natural light to enter which earlier wasn’t possible as the concrete walls wouldn’t allow the light to pass in. Soon glass replaced even walls and the flooring in the buildings, through rigorous tests and researches to make it strong.

Today, there are a large variety of glass used in buildings such as energy efficient, soundproof, safety glass, toughened glass etc. Architects use frosted glass and smart glass in offices to obtain privacy in conference rooms or personal offices. Wit frosted glass, it’s possible to create many decorative patterns to make the glass look attractive, and so it doesn’t look dull and boring. Modern technology has provided us with a perfect, more like a miraculously beautiful product that is the glass plate. The use of glass in buildings makes the architecture look brilliant and mesmerizing and overall a unique masterpiece. Technology is also seen playing a role in glass too, surprisingly yes. It has always played its role in all aspects of life, benefitting humans.

The benefits of glass in architectural structure –

• The use of glass gives the structure an attractive and innovative look.
• Light penetrates through the glass into the building without any distortion.
• Glass is energy efficient and helps in saving bills.
• There are many types of architectural glass that can be used to reduce the noise from outside.
• The glass used in buildings are very strong and sturdy and can also face any changes in weather.

It is so far clear that glass implies a whole new level of architecture and design because of its appearance which definitely attracts the eye, something which is new and something that has evolved so much faster and better. It therefore makes sense to new architectural designs and architects to now play with design and create new masterpieces. Glass as we all know is eco- friendly as it can be recycled infinitely. Therefore green buildings are supposed to be the future of a sustainable development. Modern architecture is evolving tremendously with architects using glass to showcase innovations and the various ways glass can be used in architectural structure.